An Online Retro RPG Adventure

Fight against the darkness as you explore the pixel world of AetherStory, a multi-player co-operative adventure.

About AetherStory

AetherStory is a passion project mixing the aesthetic of our most beloved retro RPGs with the modern MMO-like game play elements, allowing us to create a co-op adventure that you can play with your friends.

Explore the world as a hero with a mysterious past, as you learn the world is being destroyed by dark forces. Are you the hero that will save mankind? Are you the hero of light? Join AetherStory and make a name for yourself.



Fight alongside two other allies in grid-based, strategic combat. Master over 100 unique abilities across 12 class specs.


Adventure across a detailed world full of quests, characters, and dungeons. Discover the beautifully pixelated world of Aether.


Join your friends in this social, co-op adventure while you explore, puzzle, trade and fight in a multiplayer world.


Gather rare materials to craft epic armor, weapons and gadgets to take down your foes and trade with your peers.


Place in the competitive leaderboards in both Player VS Player and Player VS Dungeon content. Seasonal challenges await.


Hunt for treasure, discover unexplored lands, fill your monster log, and discover hundreds of easter eggs hidden throughout the world.

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AetherStory is made using a custom engine built on top of the amazing Starling Framework and Adobe AIR. The server is created using TypeScript and Node.js. We also are proud users of the Tiled map editor.

AetherStory is being created by Phanxgames, an Indie Game Dev Studio. All programming and artwork is done by Henry Price. The story and mapping are being lead by Mark Hudd. And game's original sound track is composed by Gregg Rossetti. Additional team members may be found on the Phanxgames website.

We plan to release the game through our website giving us full control to update the game. The game will be playable on Windows desktops, Mac OS desktops, and eventually on Android phones/tablets.

In the future we plan to release the game on Steam, and other market places that welcome us.

We currently are in a closed Alpha. The gate to entry is to simply donate at least $20. Doing so you not only are granted access to the Closed Alpha, but you also are pre-ordering the game, and you will have access to all future alpha and beta tests. Thank you for your support!

We have attempted to make guesses on this in the past and we have always failed. Its extremely difficult to estimate a project of this scope with such a small team working on it.

But what I will tell you: we plan on releasing a large patch every month adding new functionality and features. And slowly but surely we will get there!

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